Mason Monkey - Hoooked Eco-Barbante Yarn Crochet Kit

  • £11.99

Are you ready for a new challenge in the world of amigurumi? Mason, the amigurumi monkey, is made with a crochet pattern for experienced crocheters. 

This crochet kit for Monkey Mace is easy to make for anyone who has experience with crocheting amigurumis but not recommended for beginners. With this awesome kit you will crochet a cute amigurumi monkey in less than a few days.
This kit contains: 
Crochet hook 4mm (US 6) 
Eco Barbante Taupe (2x 50g (1,76 OZ))  
- Eco Barbante Almond (1x50g (1,76 OZ)) 
- Leftover black yarn 

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