Lazadas blocking wires

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Lazadas Blocking Wires for blocking knitting and crochet are made from a metal wire that "snaps back" completely straight after every use. This means that, unlike some other blocking wires on the market, you can bend these for a curved edge and they will be completely fine to use for straight edges in the future. I blocked this lace knitting sample using one blocking wire and sure enough it was perfectly fine and ready for future use afterwards.

Lazadas Super Flexible Knitting Crochet Blocking Wires lace knitting sample

When you are uncoiling the wire or removing it from your work after blocking, do mind out for the way the wire pings back straight! 

The Lazadas blocking wires come in a handy tin with a bag of t-pins for pinning out your work so you can keep your wires together and safe.

Blocking your work gives it an improved finish. It relaxes and smooths the stitches and you can stretch your work to shape/size with pins and wires. This will really bring out any important features of your work and the difference is particularly noticeable in lace knitting. Here is a photo of two swatches for comparison - the bottom one is the swatch blocking above, the top one has not been blocked:

The same lace knitting swatch knitted twice, the upper one is not blocked, the bottom one has been pinned out using lazadas blocking wires

This is the motif used in my Campfire Shawl design in BC Garn Summer In Kashmir sportweight organic cotton/cashmere yarn. I have used the wet blocking technique with Eucalan wool soak.

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