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Thank you to everyone who came to the Launch Party for Frome Yarn Collective on 15th September. It was a completely amazing and overwhelming day. I had, of course, hoped that we would be busy but the shop was absolutely packed for the whole day from the moment we opened until after 4pm. 

Here are some shots from the day:


I've mentioned on social media that I have a long list of thank yous so here it is (apologies in advance to anyone I have missed off). This is not in order of importance!

I think this long list demonstrates one of the reasons I chose the name Frome Yarn Collective; because the shop staff, suppliers and, of course, the customers are all vital to the continuing success of the shop - we are all in this together. I hope that one day far in the future, if and when I decide to move on, I will able to pass on what I see as custodianship of the shop to someone who loves yarn as much as I do and keep the community that has built around the shop over the years going and growing.

Anyway, back to that list:

Catriona - for being my friend, for spending 3 months teaching me the ropes and for helping decorate and get the shop ready.

Maxine - for sending a lovely message of support and passing on such a wonderful shop to me.

Janet and Rosie - my wonderful staff members who I have inherited who both went above and beyond to make the Launch Day go well.

Mary - for being so generous with her time and running the knit surgery.

Debbie (Skein Queen) for coming all the way to Frome to do a pop-up shop and support me.

Pat Lewis - for designing the stunning logo and breathing life and personality into the shop name.

Pepita - for making so many delicious cakes!

Jen - for the support, advice and flowers.

The Outcasts - my former knitting group from Reading, a bunch of whom came up for the opening.

My cousin Jo and her family - for coming all the way from Chichester on her birthday to spend it supporting me.

Dave - for making the trip from London and making his first ever fruit cake to bring with him.

My Dad - for everything, but in this context for staying late with me on Launch Party Eve to tidy, stock shelves and keep me sane.

My Mum - also for everything and just because she's my Mum!

My husband - for all the hard work he put in!

My kids - for helping to clear shelves and always trying to help, even when Mummy's been all grumpy.

Catherine Hill traders - for welcoming me into their community, displaying my flyers and sending messages of support (and Millie Moon sent lovely flowers).

Lillypad Solutions - for painting my shop front so beautifully.

Tony Scovell - for building and installing my amazing diamond shaped shelving (and putting up my wall display grids).

Sabine - owner of Die Wollmeise yarn shop in Berlin who graciously said I could copy the shelving in her beautiful shop! One day I will actually visit!

Compugraphic - for producing and installing the signage and making it look brilliant.

Riverknits - for rushing through an order so that I would have their gorgeous yarn in the shop on Launch Day.

Isager Yarn, Baa Ram Ewe and ArtYarn for getting party yarn orders to me in time and Baa Ram Ewe again for the loan of their lovely mitt samples.

Paper Bag Co. in Westbury who made my brilliant cotton tote bags.

And a huge, huge thank you to our customers - for all the wonderful support and for caring about the business as much as I do..

I have never felt like I am in this on my own. From before we even made it to Frome, people have offered friendship, support and encouragement. It really has been a collective effort getting the new shop off the ground and I hope that you all enjoy being part of the Frome Yarn Collective!

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